Walking in Unity – Idea Sketch for Advocate Europe

In January 2018 we published the idea for the Walks on Advocate Europe’s site, hoping that on the one hand many people would resonate with the idea of Walking in Unity, but also hoping that we would be one of the winners.

From centre to periphery, Advocate Europe brings project-makers together. Since 2014, they have collected more than 1,500 ideas from 42 European countries, connected 49,745 people on their online platform and invested in 25 winning initiatives that pilot new answers for a common European future. Behind each of these ideas are people: our European change-makers. Together, we connect Europe.

Here two of the interesting questions that were asked, as well as our answer.

Why does Europe need your idea?

Walking together with a focus on Unity can further dialogue, mutual understanding, insight in challenges & new initiatives, as well as appreciation of local history, culture and natural beauty. It can inspire a European Democracy of the Heart & the willingness to try out new ways of co-creating.

What is your impact?

Hundreds of people who have resonance with the idea of Unity will have walked together – in their own country or in others. They’ll have learned from one another how we can respond in new ways to the needs of our times. Many more will have read or heard about the project’s intention.

Our idea sketch can be found here:

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