24-26 April

via Zoom

Co-Creating Europe goes Viral. Join our online Gathering 2020 and dive with us into a co-creative process of collective sense-making, vision building and stepping into action to manifest the change we would like to see in the world.

Facilitated group processes like warm data sessions, innovative storytelling, and narrative explorations will enable us to develop new, individual, collective and societal responses to the complex challenges at this time.

This is an invitation to create, inspire and transform together April 24th – 26th.
Nowadays, we have all in some way become ‘athletes’; only that our modern ‘Olympic Games’ are the challenges, complex demands, and the tribulations of contemporary everyday life. The most challenging amongst all our ‘Olympic labors’ is to discover ourselves and find peace and inner tranquility while staying active, creative, and innovative in an ever-changing world which calls upon us to transform it.
Together, as a group of social change agents, we aim to explore how different cultures hold different perspectives on the same events. Can a transformative dialogue between different narratives be fostered? Europe has unique achievements such as freedom, human rights, enlightenment, and, more recently, impulses toward a pluralistic spirituality. We want to learn about and honor every country‘s and culture‘s contribution to these processes and see how we can use these insights to create a strong web that can hold Europe together during these challenging times and designing ways to bring this vision to life in the Co-Creating Europe Caravan of Unity in September 2020.
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