To Blossom: A Ritual Tree Planting in Memory of Ken Cro-Ken

A Tree Planting Ceremony in the East Village of New York City dedicated to Eco-System Painter, Ken Cro-Ken (9/3/1957 – 7/30/2020), 911 Responders at Ground Zero, and all victims of political violence and hatred worldwide. To Blossom is a work of music and dance, based on Amazing Grace and the act of deep breathing. Oboist, composer, and improvisor Matt Sullivan, and dancer/choreographer, Beatrice Antonie Martino, created To Blossom to accompany the ritual planting of a Cherokee Dogwood Tree in 2Band2C, an East Village garden (on 2nd St., between Avenues B and C in Manhattan), that served as the art studio for eco-system painter, sculptor, and writer, Ken Cro-Ken. It was planted on September 3, 2020, what would have been Ken’s 63rd birthday.