ONE TREE – Planting Peace

Foster the peace in all of us

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Trees in our world are not only a gorgeous ecosystem that supports Mother Earth with oxygen – trees are also the wisest teachers ever and they are masters of networking and cooperation.

Planting a tree can be a conscious act of love for all that exists. We can plant trees – alone or together with our families and friends, in our communities, villages, towns and holy places. In doing so we not only imagine a world in peace, but express our collective longing for a whole and sacred world. We need to be many, standing up, reaching out, connecting with each other, to share our knowledge for actions – silent or radical ones – to create peace. NOW!


All together we are planting a huge Tree of Live – a tree we all care for, making it a place for listening not only to the tree wisdom, but also to each other’s heart, celebrating life in prior unity respecting diversity. The Tree of Life reminds us, that all life is inseparably ONE. In this understanding we are all brothers and sisters. And so are the trees.

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Planting Peace

After ONE TREE – Planting Peace started throughout 2020, in connection to the UN Global Peace Day in September of the same year, it has become an ongoing event in which you can join us.

Become visible to each other and let the world know about your tree and actions! Our dream is, that with the worldwide self-organizing actions of ONE TREE-Planting Peace the reciprocity with our ecosystem will gain more balance again. To be in peace with our place of origin will foster the peace between all of us. Thank you! 

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The Idea

ONE TREE – Planting Peace is the idea and heartfelt wish of the economist and spiritual teacher Annette Kaiser. Annette is also co-founder of the Co-creating Europe Initiative. ONE TREE – Planting Peace is evolving in co-creation with many companions, institutions and beings. 

Our Partners

May Peace Prevail on Earth International

May Peace Prevail on Earth International is a non-political, non-religious peace organization with NGO status at the UN. Through the Peace Pole Project and other activities the message ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ is constantly being shared around the globe. Over 200,000 Peace Poles have been planted, since the idea and vision of founder Masahisa Goi took momentum in the 1970s. 

Chairperson Masami Saijonji states ‘Make a commitment to world peace by honoring the earth, honoring its people, and celebrating the unity of the human spirit.’