Exodus, Reckoning, Sacrifice: Three Meanings of Brexit

Kalypso Nicolaïdis is of French and Greek nationality with German and Spanish origins. She lives in the UK, where she works as Professor of International Relations at the University of Oxford and director of the Center for International Studies and the Department of Politics and International Relations. She teaches theory of international relations, European integration, international political economy, negotiation and research methods.

We have been in touch with her for more than a year now and she has just let us know that she published a new book called Exodus, Reckoning, Sacrifice: Three Meanings of Brexit written in praise of mutual recognition, and of sharing different stories about Europe.

She says:

The pamphlet offers a different kind of take on Brexit seen through the lens of archetypal myths. It was inspired by conversations with friends and strangers on all sides of the Brexit saga, with my British husband and my European children, as well as by echoes of a Parisian childhood steeped in Greek mythology. It developed as I was asked about the other side’s views on each side of the Channel before and after the British “No”.  (…) It takes the reader on a journey through three mythical themes to contrast different understandings of the whole affairs by different people in and outside Britain: leavers vs remainers, leavers vs other leavers, young vs old, cynics vs idealists, Europeans and non-Europeans. My hope is that these myths can be used as a shared language in which to conduct a conversation, short of the expectation that we can ever agree, but in the hope that we can at least enter a spirit of mutual recognition as we confront our experiences and visions of the world.


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