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Workshop business-and-spirit

September 9, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

“The great thing is not to be this or that, but to be Yourself” Soren Kierkegaard

This applies to people and companies alike. From the core of the being to the core of the company.
In each of us, the four basic needs are the driving force that we want to experience and fulfill by and through ourselves. What sounds so simple is FUNDAMENTAL. It is necessary to follow the call (invocation), what has been “put into us” and “sounds” in us. We are all seeds that can develop into what is our potential “put inside” us. Anything else is not possible. For the eruptive power of life wants to unfold, wants to express itself and to bring itself into form. The development tree and the company tree serve as a metaphor for this, which we have deposited as graphics.

But this power needs a clear natural structure, i.e. a corporate architecture, to stand on solid ground. The soft factors – the “spirit” – must be combined with the structure (the form). Leadership and management are two sides of the same coin: the individuality of the individual combined with the whole of the company. Everything finds its place in this order. From the core of the being to the core of the company, these are the first steps when a company opens up to give space to the spirit. This is not about “methods”, but about the attitude to open up to the principle of creation (to “let it pass through”) so that it can happen.

From personal size to management size to company size. It is about the “True Greatness” of a person AND a company.
We shape change as co-creators of the principle of all life and create space for the development of integral consciousness in companies with all its contributors. We start from the wholeness of the human being: The unity of body, mind and soul. Wholeness does not have to become, wholeness is.
In this process, the supporting foundation of the company lies in its core values, the basis on which it stands and in which it is firmly anchored. The core values of each individual in the company ensure that a living spirit nourishes the company and ensures the continuous development of people and the company.

An enormous inner force is created when the company’s energy is clearly aligned with the spirit and all employees are aware of how their lives are developing: From inside to outside and from outside to inside. From small to large, from seed to fruit to tree.

When we decide to follow the order inherent in all life, i.e. the principle of creation, the architecture of our self and that of an integral company is revealed to us.
It is an invitation for us to see ourselves as part of the whole and to be conscious co-creators of a civilization of love through the directed intention, word, and action. From I to you, from you to us: Together with other entrepreneurs and their employees we create new forms of cooperation: a business of co-creation and self-empowerment. The key lies in giving to the great, the unnameable, carried by mutual appreciation, trust, support, and love.

Just as the sunflower produces a splendidly bright and strong flower from its core, so it inspires people: “Everything is there. In each of us there is this core, into which the best result is already placed. Be what you are.
We have given this inner process a name that expresses in three words what is happening:

pure power potential®

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September 9, 2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Theresia Maria Wuttke, Banker, educator, depth psychologist, meditation teacher – Zen, author, business management coach and consultant, teaching and master coach, family and health coach and youth coach. Since 1981 she has been training and educating executives from the business and health care sectors. Her innovative work, in the value-based corporate and personnel development “business-and-spirit®”, which she developed, has been successfully applied as an integral business and management consultant and coach in medium-sized companies and corporations since 2000. She is a board member of Theos Consulting AG, which she and Professor Dr. Dr. Heinrich Reents and several partners founded in 2011. In the integral academy of Theos-Consulting AG she trains as an integral coach and consultant, integral health coach and family and youth coach. She is the founder and chairwoman of the non-profit organisation Lebensfluss, which has been dedicated to working with people across the generations for 15 years. She supports children and young people through the pedagogical concept she has developed: “Life Entrepreneur from the Very Beginning”.
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