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The Journey Home, The Journey Back To You

September 12, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 8:45 am

Come take a journey with me back to you, back to your authentic self. Step into that place of truly knowing that Love is the only thing that is real, reconnect with the truth of who you really are. Dive deeply into this meditation that will focus on the realisation that you are an expression of Love and it is in the opening of your Mind and your Heart that gives passage for Heavenly Love to flow down into and through you, bringing healing to all parts of you – to your light and your dark and all that dwells in between. Heaven needs and wants you to be a channel for its loving energy and your soul needs and wants Heaven’s loving energy to heal yourself, each other and the whole world. For it is in the stepping into your authentic truth that enables Heaven’s Love to shine through you, connecting each and every one of us, holding and centring us whatever the storm we are facing and experiencing and in doing so, bringing Love and therefore healing to all on Earth.


September 12, 2020
8:00 am - 8:45 am
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2020-09-12 08:00:00


2020-09-12 08:45:00

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Clyre Darke

My working life began with my adult nurse training which I completed at Southampton University College of Nursing & Midwifery when I was 21 years old. This was a huge ‘life’ eye opener for me and gave me precious experience in terms of exposure to the spectrum of life and love, death and fear and everything in between. It also opened my heart to a sense and a knowing that there was more to dis-ease and ill-health than I was being taught. I sensed there was so much more to the human journey of being well to then being unwell and I was curious to learn more and understand about that part of the story. So I completed a Therapeutic Massage Course during my nurse training which deeply ignited my awareness of the importance of self nurture and how our body gives a story of everything that has gone before, that it speaks to us all the time and tells us when we are out of balance and when it needs help to rebalance. And I was curious to understand more about why as human beings we deny and ignore the warnings and messages that our body gives us that all was not well. After qualifying, I worked on a Cardiac Medical Ward and then moved up to London where I worked in an HIV/Aids and Sexually Transmitted Diseases clinic. It was here that my burning desire to work and learn more about health from a dietary, energy and spiritual healing perspective really took off and I ended up securing a job at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital where I completed my Reflexology course and in my own time, my Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and a truly life changing Natural Nutrition Course by The College of Natural Nutrition in Totnes, Devon which deepened further my knowledge and belief that we can heal, that we are all here to heal and that dis-ease and illness is not a one way street. If we can become unwell, then surely it is possible for us to become well again. Healing requires that we first start to understand our stories and start recognising the patterns and cycles in our lives and those of our ancestors that are still waiting and longing to be healed. I then worked as part of a Complementary Therapy Team giving massage and reflexology to people receiving Cancer treatment at Charing Cross Hospital which was a wonderful experience and privilege to be a part of. It was during this time that I took a 3month sabbatical because after recovering from a severe bout of flu, I had an absolute knowing that I had to go to British Columbia in Canada to meet someone and learn something. So I did! I went WOOFing (Willing Workers on Organic Farms for anyone who doesn’t know) and at my third farm, Sointula Gardens, I met an amazing woman, Amandah Jensen (www.sointulagreens.com), who taught me so much about energy, what exists beyond physical form and the pending opportunity for humanity to transform and transcend which I believe is happening in the world now. I then spent a good few years working in retreat centres in Normandy, France, a further 6month stay back on the organic farm and retreat centre in Canada and a 2 year stay in Northern Cyprus, working in a beautiful spa. After returning to England, I then became a mother to my two children Amy, who is nearly 11 years old, and my son Alec, who is nearly 9 years old. A few years after the birth of my son, my partner became very unwell and had an intense awakening – I feel that becoming a father himself triggered an opening up of his heart and from that, a conscious connection to and awareness of a great deal of pain and trauma that he had suppressed from his own life experiences was made. During a period of x5 very intense years, we both worked through a huge amount of shadow pain and have learnt so much about how the Ego part of the human mind, when very over-developed and advanced as a result of pain and trauma, can have enormous control, influence and destruction in a person’s life because it causes a person to belief that fear is the truth and Love is the lie. This healing work was supported by another truly amazing therapist, Lorraine Whitby (www.toolsforpositivechange.co.uk), who gave us both so much knowledge and understanding of the dis-ease journey and tools to rebalance, reconnect, release and therefore heal. The healing journey continues – it is life-long work – and has given us both a huge belief in and passion for the healing power of Love, of kindness to oneself, in the importance of understanding one’s own journey and story and the need to truthfully acknowledge all of who we are, the light and the dark, and to reconnect with the shadow parts of ourselves through love and forgiveness. It is these shadow parts of ourselves that create limiting beliefs and so prevent us from being our true selves which is a Loving Whole. A year ago my family and I moved to Stalham in Norfolk from Colchester and it is here that I have begun setting up my own therapy business called Back To You which offers massage, reflexology, Reiki and Hypnotherapy with the aim of helping people reconnect with their light and their dark and to work through any presenting layers that are blocking and preventing the flow and movement of light and love to every part of the mind, body and soul. My ethos and focus of my work through Back To You is to help people reconnect with and experience Love within themselves. Love is the only reality and our true purpose here on Earth is to Love and be Love and to share this with the whole world.
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