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The Heroine’s Journey

What if life doesn’t happen to you… it happens for you? No matter what has happened to you in the past, here you are. You are the result of thousands of ancestors whose resilience echoes on and lives through you. Many women walk around feeling broken when in truth, they are queens with amnesia. This theme is about reclaiming your throne as the true heroine of your life — empowered, wise, and full of fierce feminine strength. Your story is important. In fact, it is life-giving. It is your deepest medicine.

The Heroine’s Journey is a 10 phase cycle that every woman goes through in her life, more than once. It starts with the Split from the Feminine, into a descent to the Underworld, where the true being is shown, beyond masks of Illusion and Separation. Here is where the Heroine finds her Power, and with it she rises, to claim it, and Integrate it, as she unified the Feminine and Masculine principles within her.

You are the Heroine of your own journey. The good, the bad, and the ugly have only made you more resilient, wise, and powerful. What is the most empowering story you can tell yourself about your life, and how can you let it guide on your path? 

The Heroine’s Journey is inspired by Joseph Campbell, a world-renounced mythologist, and his concept of the Hero’s Journey. He studied myths all over the world and found a cycle; a journey that they all go on that follows a story arch. Then, Maureen Murdock created a female-centric version about the healing of the wounding of the feminine that exists deep within our culture. Murdock explains, “The feminine journey is about going down deep into soul, healing and reclaiming, while the masculine journey is up and out, to spirit.”


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Sandi is a Women Circle Facilitator(New Moon and sacred Ceremonies), Kambô Practitioner, and Shakti Dance instructor. She walks the path of awakening beings into their freedom, and full expression of Soul- to awaken the Medicine Within.
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