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Global Social Witnessing

Global Social Witnessing offers a way to restore possibility, an essential new social technology that’s about turning one’s attention towards rather than away from challenging events in the world. First introduced by Thomas Hübl in 2017, it was born from the recognition that collective trauma, mostly unrecognized and often unconscious, is at the root of the conflicts and destructive developments in the world. Once we realize that this is ‘the water we are swimming in’, our compassion for ourselves and each other increase and more effective healing and peace-building become possible.

We will offer a brief introduction to the foundational elements of Global Social Witnessing.  After, we will invite participants to an experiential practice cultivating spaciousness and presence. This will be followed by a sharing dialog.

Additional Facilitators include;

Robert Buxbaum has been a spiritual seeker, social activist, and an executive for local governments.  He enjoys his current role as a link in the chain – teaching what he’s been taught and listening for what needs to be spoken.  As a graduate of Thomas’ Hübl’s Timeless Wisdom and Pocket Project trainings, Robert facilitates groups and workshops and is a co-founder of the GSW Competence Center.

Manda Johnson is a dancer, somatic therapist and facilitator of transformation.  Manda coaches, leads workshops, facilitates business leadership development and has worked with people and communities for more than 30 years.  Manda is a graduate of the Thomas Hübl’s Pocket Project training and co-founder of the Pocket Project’s GSW Competence Center.


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Christine Gerike

Christine Gerike is a coach and facilitator. She initiated the first online Global Social Witnessing (GSW) group in 2017 and is a co-founder of the Pocket Project´s GSW Competence Center. She is passionate about co-creating coherent we-spaces to witness and presence global movements, healing and emergence. Christine is a graduate of the Pocket Project training with Thomas Hübl.
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