Sacred Site Activation

This synchronized Sacred Site Activation has been requested from the intelligence of our planet, ancestors and our own human intelligence. Its objective is to connect with the ‘coded wisdom’ of vibrational alive Sacred Sites and connect them consciously to one another. By activating these Sacred places we naturally recognise the resonant value they hold and how and why our human ancestors created them. This felt reality assists humanity to restore our relationship between the environment and ourselves.

We welcome you to a great adventure of visiting the sacred sites of our ancestors and connecting with the great intelligence of our planet in a ceremonial way. This is a healing and an embodiment of freedom – such as the experience can be when we visit nature in a sacred way with others who hold the same intention and agreement.

We will visit a sacred site near Magdeburg (east of Germany).

This visit will last a few hours so please prepare yourself with water, nature or food to offer the spirits, somenthing to eat for yourself and a patient and reverent frame of mind.

Please contact strassburg-lea@web.de for further information, as the exact location and time. You will also be provided with a information sheet, and a ceremonial protocol. We invite you to share this event with others of like mind to support Unity Consciousness.

Thank you and looking foward to hearing from you!


2020-09-15 00:00:00


2020-09-15 23:59:59

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The Cleanse Site Project’s mission is to support humanity’s awareness to its intrinsic connection to Nature and to assist in the creation of a more peace-filled and ecologically aware world. It is achieved through the cleansing of land sites that have been traumatized through industry, war, greed and unconsciousness.
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