2nd September 2020

Rising in Spirit

Rising in Spirit is our morning practice and the first activity every day during the caravan providing the energetic ground for the following activities and events. It also creates the opportunity for the participants to go on a virtual journey discovering a wide range of facilitators and practices from all over Europe.

We are eternal spirit beings animating this physical form of a human body, but often we forget about that and identify with the limited, transitory visible appearance.
In this meditation, I want to help you to remember and experience your true nature so that you are able to embody it fully.
Only with this shift of identity, you are really able to be an expression of “love in action”.
And never forget, it is simple and easy to be who you truly are.


2020-09-02 08:00:00


2020-09-02 08:45:00

Access Through: https://zoom.us/j/2110820518


Puria Kaestele

Puria works as a healer and transformational alchemist. Like a piano tuner, she helps people to tune into the tone of their essence and future potential by providing catalytic spaces to awaken, cleanse and realign. As humanity is on the threshold of awakening to its full spiritual and human potential, she supports this change not only individually but also collectively. In the last three years Puria interviewed more than one hundred world renowned experts for her Conscious Evolution global online summits. https://puria.org/en/
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