21st September 6pm CET

Perfect Peace: Lightness of Being meditation 21st September International Day of Peace

Peace brings lightness within, we literally light up when we find that place of heart based peaceful resonance. The light of hope, the light of love transcends everything and in the light we belong. We know that inner peace is our birthright and in the peace we radiate lightness of being into our life, the lives of others and amplify into the world, uniting and returning. Ripples of inner peace create waves of harmonic resonance and we birth a new way, a new world in Unity. We join together on World Peace Day as we usher in the Equinox energies.

MOMM = Moments of Mass Mindfulness. The essence of this community is to act as an amplifier, and support free expression, create space to encourage and empower positive transformational shifts in self-awareness.. and ultimately raise human and global consciousness.

At the heart of MOMM is the experience of peace, harmony, love and unity as together we Co-create Compassionate Communities.
MOMM links mindfulness and meditation teachers to each other and into greater visibility in community as we awaken to a more self-empowered way of being.
MOMM encourages an individual journey towards wholeness within community and supports the transformational wave of peace and love in the world.
MOMM deeply cares.


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Sue Cooper

Sue is a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor from The Chopra Centre for Well-being led by founder Dr Deepak Chopra and has over four decades of nursing experience in clinical care, management and health education. For the last 12 years Sue has been exploring natural healing modalities from indigenous cultures around the world, their applications to modern day Self Care and the fusion with scientific research from Health Care. Sue is Founder of MOMM, moments of mass mindfulness, a dynamic, volunteer-led initiative rooted in care and compassion, connection and collaboration and experienced through co-creating community gatherings, engaging citizen action to raise awareness of conscious health and vibrant well-being.
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