7th September 2020

Opening your heart to the highest force of love

Rising in Spirit is our morning practice and the first activity every day during the caravan providing the energetic ground for the following activities and events. It also creates the opportunity for the participants to go on a virtual journey discovering a wide range of facilitators and practices from all over Europe.

This meditation will take you on a beautiful guided journey, where you will enter the deepest part of your heart to receive a magical experience of unconditional love.


2020-09-07 08:00:00


2020-09-07 09:00:00

Access Through: https://zoom.us/j/2110820518


Paulina Jones

I have worked for 30 years within the field of health and wellbeing, working as both a nurse and a complementary therapist. I’ve seen first-hand the amazing impact that combining both approaches can have. The synchronicity of life brings me beautiful natural holistic healing and visions, which I share with others. We do not need to fix our lives we need to retrieve our spirit and reconnect with life itself. I use vibrational healing by tuning into the frequency of your mind, body, and spirit through sound, colour, and my intuition.
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