11.09.2020 19:30-20:00 pm CET

Meditation for Peace

Meditation for Peace with the mantra Om Shanti

Association Vidya Project organizes Summer Yoga Retreat at Black Sea resort “Kamchia”, village “Pirin”, from 10-th to 14-th of September. IYou are welcome to our retreat fulfilled with yoga, meditation and dance practices.

We join the world peace initiative Caravan of Unity with two meditations with the mantra “Om Shanti”. Join us to chant together “Om Peace, Peace, Peace” on 11-th and 12-th of Sept. from 19:30-20:00 pm CET.


2020-09-11 19:30


2020-09-12 20:00

Access Through: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/118856330


Association “Vidya Project” channelizes and enhances the efforts of a network of friends and volunteers dedicated to individual and social change.
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