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Master Code of Care: Lifemaps Path for CCE Unity Caravan

September 20, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Cocreating Europe Caravan Lifemaps for Klaipeda, Lithuania

People involved in the CCE Unity Caravan are living in cities all over Europe and beyond. A lifemap – a game for 4 participants, working with table posters and stickers – is designed to be played in the cities they live in. The stickers and the game process are based upon Integral City wisdom and practices.

Integral City envisions the city as the human hive, in which people are living together, guided by the Master Code: Taking care of self, others, place and planet. After the example of the beehive, there are 4 archetypal voices in the city:

Citizens, Civic Managers, Civil Society and Business.

The game offers a process to bring these 4 voices to the table, orientate themselves on the guidance of the Master Code and work together towards a common higher goal. The participants in a workshop each represent one of the voices. For each voice, a realistic map is created, visualizing the current situation as well as the (near) future. Resonating with the voice participants are representing, they tell each other the story on their maps. Connections become clear, between the invisible aspects of consciousness and culture and the visible aspects of relationships, behaviour, services and systems. Opportunities for co-creation and improvement show themselves. A dialogue follows as to how to work together in service of the goal.

Due to the current situation in the world, the games will take place respecting social distancing rules of different cities. For that reason, most of the games will be in an online format. This game will be played online with local players from the area of Klaipeda, Lithuania.


September 20, 2020
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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My degrees in Economics and later in Marketing Management have led me into the travel industry where my journey of exploring multiple realities that co-exist simultaneously began. By navigating my way through all kinds of tensions and trying to make sense of my environment in each of the 5 continents it became clear that I could not find a better teacher than life itself. I just had to be willing and open. Exploring the territory without any map at hand was mind-boggling, but it has also taught me to listen to my inner guidance. Through many mistakes and some successes, I stumbled upon the language that helped me explain what I saw. Spiral Dynamics just made sense. When all roads started leading me back home a chain of events has led me to Integral Cities. After all my globetrotting years I am the worst person to ask for recommendations where to go because I always was more curious about the invisible realities of the places. It is amazing how the dynamics of all the world could be found in my hometown. The question I currently explore is: how can we build bridges across the silos of life?
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