Finding balance amidst chaos

Rising in Spirit is our morning practice and the first activity every day during the caravan providing the energetic ground for the following activities and events. It also creates the opportunity for the participants to go on a virtual journey discovering a wide range of facilitators and practices from all over Europe.

As humanity shifts from an outdated patriarchal system and is bringing back into balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, we are experiencing an incredible amount of turmoil.

The whole world is in crisis in every sense; from political unrest to economic instability all the way to global pandemic.

Despite all of that our consciousness continues to expand and the quest for balance becomes a necessity.

Vedran will guide you in meditation with a focused intention to open, clear and charge your energy centres in order to overcome stress and anxiety experienced on a daily basis. You will find balance within your entire being shifting into deep peace and a sense of unity.


2020-09-11 08:00:00


2020-09-11 08:45:00

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Vedran Vulicevic

Born in Croatia from parents of Serbian origin, very early in his childhood Vedran experienced consequences of the devastating civil war in the former Yugoslavia which resulted in a devastating humanitarian and economical crisis. A few years later he became a professional sportsman which led him to leave Serbia, and continue his volleyball career in France. Today, living in Canada, Vedran is a spiritual teacher and student of many healing traditions. Following an extremely challenging and difficult spontaneous awakening, he met his mentor and teacher, Deborah King, and began the integration of his life experiences and conscious work towards the mastery of holding space for transformation in others. He dedicates his life to guide all beings that cross his path to heal, understand and integrate their own spiritual processes and life challenges. He also discovered his life purpose of raising the consciousness of the Earth and all of humanity through meditation, service, devotion and self-awareness.
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