2nd September 6.45 - 7.30 pm CET

Community Caravan; Live XR London Rebellion action from Parliament Square

The community series is at the core of the cce caravan of unity. The format features a different community each day (local or virtual community) and invites them to design a 45 min contribution that features their unique contribution to unity in diversity. Join us on the virtual journey. Today the community caravan stops in Parliament Square, London, UK with the Extinction Rebellion Activists campaigning to save the Earth.

Jonathan will be live – streaming from Parliament Square, in the middle of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) London Rebellion, to share what is happening there, to discuss the actions that have been taking place and talk about the relevance of sacred activism to this movement.


2020-09-02 18:45:00


2020-09-02 19:30:00

Access Through: https://zoom.us/j/2110820518


Jonathan Weekes

Jonathan is a co-founder of Sacred Earth Activism, which aims to share and inspire ways in which we can bring our sacred and spiritual practice together with our activism, and in doing so, help heal our relationship with the earth, with each other and with ourselves. Jonathan is also a shamanic drum maker, as the founder of Heron Drums, and a contemporary shamanic teacher based in the UK. www.facebook.com/SacredEarthActivism
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