September 10th 18:45 - 19:30 pm CET

Community Caravan – Korogonas Ark

The community series is at the core of the cce caravan of unity. The format features a different community each day (local or virtual community) and invites them to design a 45 min contribution that features their unique contribution to unity in diversity. Join us on the virtual journey. Today the community caravan stops at (Name the actual stop of the day)

Unity singing & circle dances, peace games for adults and a tree ceremony welcome
everybody in the wise & compassionate space of holistic Connection, connection
with the Self, our co-humans and every Earth’s kingdom, mineral, plants, animals.

During the on-line meeting Korogonas Ark shares experiences and insights from its
members and guests after their contributing to the unity field via singing, circle
dancing, peace games, ceremonies.
All of the activities emerge from sacred and secular traditions plus deep research on
holistic education and new creations by the founders of Korogonas Ark community
A presentation and supportive directions regarding the activities are escorted by
short videos, photos and meaningful feedback texts by the participants.


2020-09-10 18:45:00


2020-09-10 19:30:00

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Maria A Aggeli:

Maria A Aggeli Korogonas Ark is a multi-faceted, multi-coloured, long-term project, a contemporary ark for the preservation and dissemination of traditional values, information, old and contemporary knowledge as well as elements and methods among which seeds’ banks, natural, organic and sustainable farming, protection of various plants’ varieties, especially wild varieties, water and Mother Nature’s elements. The Ark is the place where the preservation of experienced and approbated within the centuries global human values goes hand in hand with modernity, technological support and innovation, when all of the last three serve sustainability, spirituality, fully harmonious coexistence among every entity in micro- and macro-scales on Mother Earth and the New Story, the Story of Connection. The Ark identifies itself as a core entity both for personal growth and empowerment as well as for social transformation, working upon and spreading the qualities and practices of unity, peace interactions, offering, benevolence, empathy, spirituality in action. The main building of Korogonas Ark constitutes a paradigm bio-construction for the Greek University Graduates Architects’ Association, in terms of its innovation and sustainable materials, gently bridging the old and the new with extremely low ecoprint. Korogonas Ark is member of the Global Ecovillages Network (GEN), OPEN Farms, Hellas and various networks for collective empowerment, holistic learning, everyday spirituality, collective intelligence and Love in Action (volunteering).
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