Exhibition at the Orangerie im Englischen Garten Munich Sept. 9-21, 2020 daily 12am- 7pm-7

Colour unites

Art exhibition, 3 very different Artists: Fotographer, Matthias Holzapfel. Painter, Ulrike Hofmann-Schuell, and Sculture, Alexandra Hoffmann. What we have in common is the use of bright colours in very different contexts. At the Orangerie we have this beautifull high room: 3 walls for hanging our pictures, 170 qm for the scuptures and visitors, one whole side of windows for the light to shine in.

With the title “Colour Unites” 3 very different Artist have joined for this exhibition:

Matthias Holzapfel with his beautifully coloured and digitally transformed professional Photographies

Painter Ulrike Hofmann-Schuell uses layers upon layers of structures and translucent paint to achieve a universe of imaginary figures, feelings and interconnections.

And sculpture Alexandra M. Hoffmann who works with especially selected pieces of wood, partially carved to create her abstract “TYPOI”. She applies specific colours sybolically on the carved parts to underline the character.

We want to expose you to the Universe of Colours and the differences in their expressions, values, meanings and impacts.


2020-09-09 12:00:00


2020-09-20 19:00:00

Access Through: https://www.facebook.com/CCE-Caravan-of-Unity-224960935429456


Ulrike Hofmann-Schuell

Free Artist: studied in Hildesheim (Germany) Jewelry and Metal design, various exhibitions. Norimberga: Academy of fine arts, studies in Silversmithing and painting. Free lance artist since 1981. Healing trainig since 1994. Art-Studio and Healing practice in Fuerth, Bavaria since 2003
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