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Awakening Agni – Igniting your Inner Fire

September 4, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

MOMM = Moments of Mass Mindfulness. The essence of this community is to act as an amplifier, and support free expression, create space to encourage and empower positive transformational shifts in self-awareness.. and ultimately raise human and global consciousness.

At the heart of MOMM is the experience of peace, harmony, love and unity as together we Co-create Compassionate Communities.
MOMM links mindfulness and meditation teachers to each other and into greater visibility in community as we awaken to a more self-empowered way of being.
MOMM encourages an individual journey towards wholeness within community and supports the transformational wave of peace and love in the world.
MOMM deeply cares.

To cultivate Tejas(fire) within for Transformation, Clarity and Wisdom the trinity of healing – A blessing from Arunachala 

The element of fire, called Tejas in Sanskrit, is the third of the five great elements (pancha mahabhutas). It comes third because it evolves from ether and air, containing the essence of these elements within it. 

Sri Bhagavan called Arunachala the spiritual heart of the world and stayed there as the embodiment of this great light. Arunachala resides in the basking glory of the Agni Lingam (Fire element) of thiruvannamalai. It is this great vortex of energy which exudes the Fire element borne out of the embers of nature and expounding its heat in the physical aspect in the form of a linga, housed in the sanctum of one of the oldest temples of Shiva.

Aruna, which means red, bright like fire, does not signify mere fire that gives off heat. Rather, it means Jnanagni, the Fire of Wisdom, which is neither hot or cold. Achala signifies hill. Thus Arunachala means a Hill of wisdom .

Mount Arunachala sits like a feminine presence, the 12 lingas around remaining rooted in steadying the force to hold the nurturing feminine energy in its true harmony, not to compete but to know the quality of this great union in its true essence. 

Sri Bhagavan’s deep insight into Arunachala and the Purnanas stipulate this profound message…. “As the moon derives its light from the sun, so other holy places shall derive their sanctity from Arunachala. This is the only place where I have taken this form for the benefit of those who wish to worship me and obtain illumination. Arunachala is OM itself. I will appear on the summit of this hill every year at Kartigai in the form of a peace-giving beacon”.

This refers not only to the sanctity of Arunachala itself but also to the pre-eminence of the doctrine of Advaita and the path of Self-enquiry of which Arunachala is the center. One can understand this meaning in Sri Bhagavan’s saying, “in the end everyone must come to Arunachala”.

Sri Bhagavan’s wisdom brought “I AM” as the ultimate meditation after 12 years of totally absorbing himself with this great mountain, which is the unity. 

Thus it creates clarity and creativity without the nuances of clutter.  This expanse of the “I AM” brings a certain sensitivity to life, opening the being to the beauty of the radiance which heals the soul and allows the planet to saturate us in unconditional love. To breathe it, to open the cells to it, to navigate all aspects of the mind, body and spirit.  IT IS WITHIN TO RADIATE, this humble abode, lit by the fire of this abundant life energy.


September 4, 2020
6:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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Arti Ghattaora

Arti trained as an Allopathic physician in Uk. An extensive amount of travelling, research and clinical practice unfolded into various third world countries, to take the practice of medicine to a new level of understanding and application in places which were extremely underesourced. A new paradigm of the human condition revealed itself. Growing up in Africa, the indigenous systems were a constant source of fascination for healing. This ignited a desire to explore other ancient healing systems. Travelled far and wide to acquire knowledge of traditional systems. My humble beginnings of that journey started with a fascination with China, where I engaged in an in-depth study of acupuncture at Nanjing University of Traditional Medicine. Here I acquired the necessary opening into the mind-body-spirit dimension of the human system, while completing a Diploma in Acupuncture. This allowed an application of this intricate science into my clinical practice, and so began the journey of the understanding the self-healing dimension of the human system. Thereafter, the pursuit of the Sanskrit language led itself into a Masters in Ayurvedic medicine at Middlesex University in Uk. This opened the wisdom of the system under the tutelage of my Ayurvedic guru Raghavan Thirumalapad in Kerala. To further understand the human system, an undertaking of a teacher training in yoga allowed to evaluate how to mobilise the physical system to improve its receptivity to this core aspect of well-being. As these layers unfolded it deepened the yearning to understanding the purpose of this life. Through that inquiry a spiritual guru, Sadhguru jaggi Vasudev, opened a whole new dimension. A joyous and a most purposeful journey awakened, and since have been immersed into that sense or servitude, surrender and humility; the three tenets which guide a sense of freedom and constant learning. This led to a full time voluntary vocation at the ashram for the last 8 years in the rejuvenation center. The rejuvenation center is a beautiful composition created by Sadhguru which is a marriage of three traditional Indian sciences of Ayurveda, siddha and yoga. After embracing the more subtle and expansive sciences, a very natural and organic unfolding lead itself into an inquiry into how sound also plays an instrumental part to one’s wellbeing. Hence, I started an undertaking of vocal training within the Classical Hindustani genre. As an extension to this, I am also currently engaged into a Teacher Training program on Healing Vedic Chants at the Krishnamacharya Institute (Chennai, India). Together with this offering I have also been trained in the use of tuning forks and understanding the frequencies of sound as a healing tool. The beginning of 2019 took me to the deeper echelons of the Siddha system, which has its origins seeped into the Tamil culture of South India. A profound system of healing, known as Varma, has been imparted by a very humble Siddha master Pal Pandian. Keeping these experiences enlivened and making it an offering a further engagement of a PhD in integrative medicine is currently being pursued to be completed within the next 2 years. The return back to UK this year has been a journey of culminating all these manifold branches, which has led to the birthing of a community interest company. The basic ethos of it is to be of service to the multitude aspects of health and wellbeing for the wider landscape of the community. The services are basically an integration of the wisdom of many traditional systems and holistic approaches to health care.
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