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An Evening of Storytelling from 1,500km of Pilgrimage as a Cycling Dervish on the Cross-Anatolian Sufi Trail (Istanbul to Hatay)

March 20, 2021 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Following the old footpilgrims’ route to Mecca, I pedaled from my doorstep in Istanbul to the southernmost tip of Turkey. Traveling in the spirit of pilgrimage, I lost and found myself in a diverse geography dotted with shrines, mosques, churches and the ruins of ancient civilizations.

I connected to a land whose aliveness lies in its steppes, forests, mountains and bodies of water, while experiencing the best of human hospitality Anatolia has to offer.

At this storytelling event, you will hear tales of kindness and worship, of exhaustion and ecstasy, and of communing with the natural world. I will also introduce the Sufi Trail project, a long-distance hiking and biking route from Istanbul to Konya that leads across Turkey’s diverse spiritual and natural landscapes.

Some of the stories come from the pages of my upcoming ebook on the Sufi Trail which I will present to you during the event. After an hour of sharing, our virtual floor will be open for your questions and stories.


March 20, 2021
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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Marian Brehmer grew up in Northern Germany, but likes to call India his second home as that’s where he spent most of his childhood summers. As his parents are meditation and yoga teachers, he had an early exposure to Eastern spirituality. At the age of ten, Marian was selected Germany’s youngest delegate to the international UN Summit on Children’s Rights in New York. In the past ten years, he has been travelling extensively around the Islamic World. He studied Rumi and Persian poetry in Iran and dived into Sufism in Turkey. As a graduate of Iranian and Middle Eastern Studies he speaks fluent Farsi, Turkish and a bit of Hindi. Marian works as a freelance writer and photographer for a diverse range of media, covering topics such as literature, travel and spirituality. He lives on the Asian side of Istanbul with his wife Aslinur. Together they intend to be cross-cultural bridge builders, nurturing a community of spiritual seekers while being in service to Unity. Marian envisions hosting transformative pilgrimages that combine inner and outer journeying, starting in the summer of 2018 in Turkey.
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