Contributions addressing the different contributions of Europe’s cultures to unity and peace: Events in galleries, public spaces, set up of a virtual gallery. Also, the history of art in Europe can be referenced and celebrated from the stone age Paintings in Lascaux to DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man, Picassos Guernica or Abramovic’s radical performance art can be addressed as great moments of Europe’s cultural development. We will hopefully be able to include art that will reference the dark chapters in Europe’s History (War, Colonialisazion….) Expressive art such as theatre or dance, depicting inner and outer Unity and peace.

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A Kinder Way of Being. An intuitive flow art offering for World Peace Day

A Kinder Way of Being. An intuitive flow art offering for World Peace Day September 21st 2020
The images you see are ink on paper. They arrived all at once, flowing from three bamboo brushes gifted to me a couple of years ago. I re-discovered the brushes, unused, in an unpacked art box, along with a little bottle of indigo ink. Since re-discovering and using ink for the first much flow has arrived.

Painted beauty!

The foundation Trees of Wisdom develops projects on citizenship, diversity and community art. Painted beauty shows us the city of Gouda Holland, seen trough the eyes of refugee children.

BLOOM Community Caravan, Oslo, Norway

The community series is at the core of the cce caravan of unity. The format features a different community each day (local or virtual community) and invites them to design a 45 min contribution that features their unique contribution to unity in diversity. Join us on the virtual journey. Today the community caravan stops in Oslo, Norway, with the BLOOM community to experience a glimpse into their world. 

“Art is to console those who are broken by life”

- Vincent Van Gogh