About Caravan of Unity

The Caravan of Unity is not a caravan in a classic sense. Originally used to describe a diverse group of people travelling together by camel or camper van, we define the term caravan in a new and contemporary way.


What travels in our caravan is the energy of peace and the spirit of unity in diversity, finding expression through the actions and events of our Europe-wide and global network of members, friends and co-creators during the first three weeks of September 2020 and culminating in the global celebration of World Peace Day on September 21st.

organizations around the world

Co-Creating Europe, host of the Caravan of Unity’s European leg, is a growing network of individuals, initiatives and organizations from Europe and around the world. Together with our partners, Unity Earth, The Hague Center for Global Governance, One Humanity Institute and The Missing Kind, we envision this caravan to grow into one of the greatest and most diverse physical and digital collective movements for peace, democracy and solidarity.

40 + locations

Held by a strong virtual infrastructure and dedicated participants in many nations, cities and regions in Europe and beyond, the Caravan of Unity aims to connect purposeful people and projects to create an intention based  field of consciousness that strengthens unity in diversity. Our vision is based on the realization of the prior unity of all beings: the deep and timeless interconnection that knits us together as one human family. The Caravan of Unity will strive to inspire a shared sense of inner and outer peace, instil kind-heartedness as a guiding motif for cooperation, and contribute towards inclusive and just societies at local and transnational levels.

sister caravans

In conjunction, a sister caravan will be moving across the USA, starting in San Francisco’s historic Grace Cathedral and culminating in Washington DC. This caravan will weave its way from West to East, carrying a torch of hope and healing for this time of historic change. More caravans are plannend in the middle east aswell as other parts of the world for the next years.

kindness convoy

The Caravan of Unity will provide the foundation for a second phase of action in 2021, including a Kindness Convoy (details below) and other actions and events created through the synergies and collaborations of our participants’ work and visions.

At this time of unprecedented global challenge and change, we will take collective action for a regeneration for humanity that is rooted in the values of peace, unity and transnational solidarity!

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