Caravan of Unity

Exploring the many dimensions of peace through spirit, dialogue, art and action​

1-21 September 2020 | Online and in-person | across Europe and Beyond

Join us to co-create a contemporary, collective movement for peace, democracy and solidarity in Europe and beyond

Another Kind of Spring

The Caravan of Unity is rolling again after spending winter within the smallest nucleus of our core community to hold space for the unknown and sense deeply into what is needed in these uncertain and challenging times. With spring on the doorstep, we feel ready now to step further into Unity in Diversity. Within the last months, we have started an inquiry into the potential and synergies of Deep Listening, Deep Dialogue, Deep Ecology, and Deep Democracy that will be reflected in ours.

Thank you everyone for the amazing journey. We will soon be back with future plans and lots of material from our 2020 journey.

The Caravan 2020 in numbers:
21 days
187 contributions
4k active participants
150k people reached

Lets keep moving together!

What's happening?

Welcome to Co-Creating Europe’s Caravan of Unity: a ground-breaking series of events taking place across Europe and beyond exploring the many dimensions of peace through spirit, dialogue, art and action.

All times CEST / GMT+2

The UP Convergence is a multi-zoom room global summit to empower all the participants to move upward, change the limits of what’s possible, and come together in unprecedented, unified action.

The Peace Weekend Global Broadcast features inspiring content from around the world as we celebrate the UN International Day of Peace on September 21.

The Caravan of Unity, begins at Grace Cathedral on August 28th with stops all across America finishing after Peace Weekend at the National Mall, Washing DC.

The 11 Days of Global Unity has been a pioneer in peace-building and the unity movement since 2004. Now in it’s 17th year, 2020 is set to be the most impactful event yet.


Thinking and acting together across borders

How can you get involved?

You can join the Caravan of Unity by engaging with your own ideas, artworks, projects or community programs. The success of the caravan depends on the active participation of us all: it is a self-organizing initiative which will grow organically from the inspiration, actions and connections of those that resonate with its intention to create worldwide peace and unity.

Compassionate activists already working towards conscious change may consider hosting in-person seminars and workshops or online live-streams on topics relevant to their context and community. Existing community groups may wish to organise peace choirs, community meditations or tree-planting projects in their local area. Artists and individuals may be inspired to create music, photos and poetry or organize cross-border art exhibitions or online galleries… whatever resonates with you most!

The Caravan of Unity encourages individuals and organizations to contribute towards this communal journey in ways which feel most appropriate and meaningful to them. So from festivals and flash-mobs to a poem or painting, each offering is welcomed and no contribution is too small.

Which piece of the collective puzzle will you bring?

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome in the Caravan of Unity regardless of age or experience: all that counts is your alignment with Co-Creating Europe’s essential values and a desire to make the caravan a rich and impactful experience for all. 

The caravan will feature a diverse range of social, political and spiritual change activists including indigenous communities, peacemakers, artists, ecologists, musicians, spiritual leaders and social alchemists, as well as members of the general public who resonate with the caravan’s aims and actions and simply want to be part of the journey.  

So whether you’re 8 or 80, in France or in Finland, an existing change-maker or simply someone wishing to create a brighter collective future, we invite you to join us and enrich the Caravan of Unity with the unique treasures and talents of your own culture and community.

Inspiring a culture of collaboration and co-creation in Europe and the World

Manifest peace your own way.
Come join our R-Evolutionary party!

Embracing unity in diversity
and catalyzing heart connections

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About Us

A symphony of voices, wisdom and actions joined together in unison

Co-Creating Europe is a growing network of individuals, initiatives and organizations from  all parts of Europe and beyond that share a vision of peace and unity. Our mission is to connect spiritual and social change-makers from all European countries and regions. We aim to inspire and learn from each other to transform Europe into a place of solidarity and diversity, rooted in the prior unity of all being.

 There are many of us who don’t want to let our societies fragment into isolated subcultures. In this spirit of human unity, we want to initiate a culture of dialogue and individual and collective growth. Learn more about our core values on the Essentials page of our website. 

Caravan principles

Evolutionary & Integral
Glocal & In Solidarity
Deep Ecology
Freedom & Human Rights
Universal Spirituality

About Our Partners​

Unity Earth is a global network of organizations and individuals standing together in the quest to build a brighter future for humanity and for the planet.

The Hague Centre for Global Governance is an organization and co-creative collective serving the emergence of a harmonic, conscious humanity.

The Missing Kind is a UK registered charity inspiring a kinder world through social impact venues and projects. The Missing Kind are enthusiastic supporters of the ‘Caravan of Unity ‘, our foundation towards a combined virtual and actual caravan in 2021. The Convoy having a focus on unity through the community with many aspects to the roadshow of kindness.  The 2021 convoy supported by the charity includes practical Community Building and youth initiatives including the KindaSound radio station which will be broadcasting each day from the convoy next year, volunteers welcome!

One Humanity Institute is a collaborative enterprise developed to attract, educate, and inspire people of all ages and cultures to translate universal values into actions that generate global harmony and prosperity for sustainable peace. 

The Connectivity Conference is a virtual gathering held to celebrate and explore that which connects us all as individuals and organizations alike.

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